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June 3, 2007

Morning Coffee 6/3/07

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Clinton Makeover Accents Her Midwestern Roots

For years, when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton talked about her family, it was usually her famous husband or their well-known daughter. But Clinton has recently been discussing a more elusive figure in her life: her mother.

No disrespect to the Hildebeast’s mother, but it really doesn’t matter. She is who she is, and she is NOT presidential.

TB patient scornful of lawyer’s behavior

“He knew he was drug-resistant. He’s an attorney … yet he gets on an airplane and goes on a joy trip around the ocean and endangers other people’s lives,” Choummanivong said from his Michigan home Friday. “I hope he’s there in July when I go for a visit. I’ll give him a piece of my mind.”

I heard his tearful interview from ABC. Sorry, I still think he was behaving as many in this country do these days….”It’s all about ME!”

Father-in-Law of Tuberculosis Victim Probed

A federal microbiologist, the father-in-law of the man quarantined with a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis, will be investigated to see how he was involved in the case, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Saturday.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Texas No. 1 producer of greenhouse gases

In fact, the Lone Star State cranks out more than the next two biggest producers combined, California and Pennsylvania, which together have twice Texas’ population, according to the study of state-by-state carbon dioxide emissions from 2003.

I guess they are referring to something other than the hot air coming out of Austin. Since Texas is HUGE, home to oil refineries, 3 of the largest cities in the country, and a population of nearly 23 million people…that they know of…yeah, I guess it does create a gas or two.

Moqtada al-Sadr: The man America has in its sights

The Shia cleric told The Independent on Sunday in an exclusive interview: “The Americans have tried to kill me in the past, but have failed… It is certain that the Americans still want me dead and are still trying to assassinate me.

“I am an Iraqi, I am a Muslim, I am free and I reject all forms of occupation. I want to help the Iraqi people. This is everything the Americans hate.”

No, bozo, what we hate is what you do as an Iraqi and a Muslim. The hatred YOU preach, the deaths you have caused.

In a Thompson-Gore race, state would win

Aside from creating a lasting rivalry between Gore’s Carthage and Thompson’s Lawrenceburg, a Gore-vs.-Thompson election in 2008 probably would bring international attention to Tennessee. The last time the two major parties’ nominees hailed from the same state was 1944, when FDR beat fellow New Yorker Thomas Dewey.

Criminy! I can’t imagine how a Gore run would make Tennessee would look good! People would think there’s something in the water. Thompson on the other hand….. πŸ™‚

Senate coalition crosses borders

In deeply divided Washington, the coalition behind the Senate immigration bill is unusual and β€” so far β€” unusually effective. The lawmakers, who span the political spectrum from deeply conservative to passionately liberal, spent hundreds of hours together in Senate conference rooms writing the 628-page immigration bill, phrase by painstaking phrase.

That ‘deeply divided Washington’ has created a deeply divided country. Secure the damn borders and stop playing games with OUR safety! NO AMNESTY!


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