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June 5, 2007

Evening Snack (6/5)

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Troops get new airport digs

“When I came to the airport and they told me there was a grand opening for a new military welcome center, I thought it was a joke,” said Army Spc. Jose Cabanas, 25, who returned to Oklahoma from Iraq. “I had no idea it would be here, it was definitely a good surprise.”

Now why is it that other airports don’t have areas like this for all the service members?

Mo. AG wants Humane Society disbanded

Missouri’s attorney general is seeking a court order to oust the director of the Carthage Humane Society and disband its board over allegations of missing money and poor animal care, including euthanizing kittens and cats by putting them in a freezer.

Now that is just flat out sick!

Waupun man charged with sex assault of child

A 21-year-old Waupun man accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl has been charged in Dodge County Circuit Court.

I don’t care how grown up 13 years olds THINK they are, they are still children, and any so called adult who takes advantage of them should be put UNDER the jail.

Gates hints at U.S. impatience with Iraq

Gates did not directly criticize the Iraqis but his comments underscored the Bush administration’s concern that they establish a government of national unity – seen as the key to stability – before the U.S. public’s dissatisfaction with the war effort reaches the point where a troop pullout cannot be avoided.

I’d say it was past time for the Iraqis to kick out the foreigners who are causing the majority of the problems.

Democrats eye budget

Back in control of the purse strings after more than a decade, Congressional Democrats are pursuing billions in new domestic spending, setting up another clash with President Bush who has threatened to veto any measures that exceed his budget.

For the love of pete…..stop friggin’ spending every single dime that hits D.C. The Dhimmis are no better than the Republicans, and visa versa, when it comes to money.

Yad Vashem slammed for lack of Arabic

Yad Vashem has come under criticism for not including any Arabic explanations in its new Holocaust museum, even though Arabic is one of the official state languages.

Considering that it’s those who speak Arabic who want to see a repeat plus of the Holocaust, I can’t say as I blame them.

New mystery charge filed against McGee

Prosecutors filed a new criminal charge today against Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee, Jr., today, but kept it secret pending a likely legal fight over whether tapes of taped conversations can be used in court.

Ok, so what exactly IS a ‘mystery charge’?

Border Agents Call Immigration Bill a ‘Travesty’

A group of former Border Patrol agents opposed to comprehensive immigration reform on Monday called the proposal currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate a “travesty,” a “sellout” and a “complete betrayal of the nation.”

And that’s putting it politely.



  1. Lots of airports do have USOs, which sound similar to the troop welcome center. I know from my sons that DFW and LAX have really nice ones. In fact, the one at LAX is named after Bob Hope. I have seen the one in San Diego. They have couches, snacks, video games, and TVs. They are nice places for the troops to relax.

    Comment by Semper Fi Mom — June 5, 2007 @ 9:45

  2. I knew the bigger ones have USO areas, but ya know, I’ve also seen empty space in the not so big ones that could be made up by the people in the area of the airport for them. I honestly don’t think a good chunk of our population have any idea how much that would mean, not just to the soldiers, but to their families. Shows people really do care. :/

    Comment by olbroad — June 6, 2007 @ 9:21

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