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June 6, 2007

Evening Snack (6/06)

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Girl missing 1 year found under staircase in Connecticut

A 15-year-old girl missing for nearly a year was found Wednesday locked in a small hidden room under the staircase of a couple’s West Hartford home, police said.

Bloomfield police said they found the girl alive in a room blocked from view by a cabinet. They had gone to the home with West Hartford police to serve search warrants for DNA and other evidence.

The world has gone mad! What is wrong with these people?

Winkler seeks new trial
Minister’s wife also awaits decision on appeals court motion about her children

Mary Winkler has asked a court for a new trial after her April 19 conviction for voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of her minister husband.

Winkler, 33, also awaits a decision from the Tennessee Court of Appeals on her May 23 motion to stop efforts by her in-laws to terminate her parental rights and adopt her children. She first wants a juvenile court to hear her petition to immediately return her three daughters to her.

Why would she want a new trial? Odds are, she’ll only get probation anyway. I’m not so sure giving the girls back to her is such a great idea. These kids have to live with the fact their mother killed their father, do they need the reminder every single day?

McCain Fends Off GOP Gibes for Backing Immigration Bill

“We’ve done exactly what you expect us to do, my friends, and that is come together,” the Arizona senator said, describing the coalition of Republicans, Democrats and the president that support the bill. “We need to act, my friends.”

Horse manure! What WE wanted is not the amnesty they are pushing on us! What WE want is enforcement, a fence, and safety for OUR families!

EU push to stop sanctions on Hamas

A growing number of European Parliament members are demanding the European Union recognize the Palestinian unity government and resume direct financial aid payments frozen more than a year ago.

Their opposition to the EU boycott, imposed after last year’s election victory by Hamas, is driven by concern that the aid cutoff has been counterproductive – failing to persuade Hamas to moderate, while contributing to the turmoil as rival Palestinian factions clash in the streets.

I guess the EU folks thinks it’s ok for Hamas to insist on the destruction of Israel, eh?

Toddler may be returned to sex-offender dad

As the would-be adoptive parents of a 2-year-old foster child, Glenda and Roger S. thought they had prepared for everything.
The one thing the Texas couple didn’t anticipate after seven months of working with Riverside County social service officials was that a Juvenile Court commissioner would halt the adoption process to consider uniting the girl with her father — a convicted sex offender.

What kind of sick judge would return a child to a known sex offender?

Bush says climate plan will complement UN bid

The United States offered reassurance on Wednesday that its plan for fighting climate change would not undermine UN efforts but ruled out agreeing deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at a G8 summit.

I have a mental image of President Bush and Ban Ki-moon, swords in hand, fighting the wind.

‘Potential’ candidate Thompson getting critical media coverage, notes MRC

A conservative media watchdog group says the mainstream media is beginning to give former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson the same kind of critical press coverage afforded Republican presidential candidates, even though he has yet to formally enter the race.

Big shock! (obvious sarcasm)


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