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June 7, 2007

Kane Blathers, Again!

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GOP legislator represents the state of denial

Something about all this talk about “fixing” the state’s affirmative action policy really chafes my hide.

Something about Eugene Kane really ‘chafes’ MY hide!

Sen. Grothman is the chairman of a state affirmative action review committee and has apparently decided there’s no longer any need for the state government to consider race when it comes to doing business or university admissions. In fact, it seems Grothman, a West Bend Republican, doesn’t see any need for racial diversity at all.

No, actually, we ARE already a racially diverse society. Continuously pointing out our differences adds absolutely nothing to our society.

This is what he told a reporter:

“I think it’s racist to imply that I’m going to learn something from you because your great-great-grandparents came from someplace else. Unless you literally grow up in another country, you’re an American just like everyone else.

“You follow the Packers, eat McDonald’s, and share the same tastes as everyone else.”

This clown wasn’t even in the room. Senator Grothman didn’t say this to a reporter, he said it to Representative Grigsby. Get your ‘facts’ straight Kane!

Ms. Grigsby’s response was the same as what mine would have been. I don’t follow the Packers, I’m not crazy about McDonald’s, and my tastes aren’t the same as everyone else’s. However, unlike Kane, I understand what the Senator meant by his statement.

This is yet another attempt by Grothman to legislate racial and ethnic matters for which he clearly has no grasp. If he did, he would understand Wisconsin lags behind many other states in terms of equal conditions for all of its citizens.

The “lagging behind”, as Mr. Kane puts it, is caused more by the lack of leadership and education, than anything else. If you use the color of your skin as an excuse to fail, then no matter how much legislation is enacted for ‘affirmative action’, you will fail, period.

Grothman is the same guy who made disparaging remarks about America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee a few years back. He questioned whether the museum’s name was appropriate because, in his opinion, black Americans had never experienced a holocaust.

Numbers pulled out of the air by a few people turned a horrible part of our history into a ‘holocaust’. The systematic slaughter of 12 million people IS a holocaust. There was no concerted effort to eradicate the Africans brought to this country, originally as indentured servants.

Grothman’s original proposals included loony provisions like requiring applicants to demonstrate “knowledge or experience” of their racial and ethnic background and requiring minorities to prove they were at least 25% of that group to qualify for preferential treatment.

There is absolutely nothing ‘loony’ about having a limit on how far back your ‘minority status’ goes. Where does it end?

The debate about affirmative action requires thoughtful insight in order to “fix” policies that have worked in the past but may need tinkering. Leaving the tinkering to someone like Grothman would be like asking your most clueless relative to work on your car.

How well has it worked? Other than dividing Americans into ‘hyphens’?  Am I a Seminole-Irish-American?  Is my granddaughter an Irish-Seminole-African-American?  No,  I AM AN AMERICAN, and so is she.  Period!  Part of Senator Grothman’s intention was to remove the ‘hyphens’.


June 6, 2007

I Think Ann Is Angry Too

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Bush’s America: Roach Motel

Republicans’ defense of President Bush’s immigration bill is more enraging than their defense of Harriet Miers. Back then, Bush’s conservative base was accused of being sexist for opposing an unqualified woman’s nomination to the highest court in the land. Now we’re racists for not wanting to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

I don’t know why conservatives like Linda Chavez have to argue like liberals by smearing their opponents as racists. Oh wait, now I remember! Their arguments are as strong as liberals’ arguments usually are.

Apart from abortion, no subject produces so much disingenuousness as America’s immigration policy, both legal and illegal. For nearly 50 years, Americans have been intentionally lied to about our immigration laws.

In 1965, Teddy Kennedy overhauled immigration law with the specific purpose of effecting a dramatic change in the nation’s demographics. Bobby Kennedy had civil rights, so Teddy needed something big: He would preside over a civil rights bill for the entire Third World! My word, but that man could drink in those days.

With his 1965 immigration act, Kennedy embarked on entirely transforming American culture for no good reason. (You know how people always say the same arguments against illegal immigrants today were once made about the Irish to show how silly those arguments are? If only the U.S. Senate had had an “Irish Need Not Apply” sign!)


Anger and Evil Genius

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Sometimes, really smart people scare me. Lance Burri scares me. 🙂

We, conservatives, have put up with a lot the last six years . A lot of big-government programs . A lot of big-government spending. Accepted it, figuring: as long as we get the tax cuts, as long as we get the judicial nominees, as long as we get a strong foreign policy.

But they may have gone too far this time. As if the pork and the Social Security failure and the government-knows-best agenda that is spending taxpayer money faster than even the Clinton administration spent, now they’ve gotta go soft on immigration.

If this truly is a way to get the base unified, I do believe it’s working.

June 3, 2007

Around the Blogosphere

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The blogosphere has lost one of the good guys. R.I.P. sir.

Badger Blogger takes on the Journal Sentinel’s Editorial Board.

American and Proud wants to know What the hell is wrong with my country?

One Man’s Opinion made me snicker.

Freedom Eden targets the JFK targeters.

Political Pistashio has some good news.

PeteRepublic is hoping Washington will start listening, but I have my doubts.

Shark and Shepherd informs, Voter Fraud comes in many forms.

The LawDog Files finds the latest on Compact fluorescent light bulbs a tad absurd too.

It seems No Runny Eggs didn’t have such a great time on that vacation he’s been on forever.

The Cutting Edge doesn’t seem too fond of China these days.

Flopping Aces wonders just what the Dhimmis have accomplished, if anything, since taking over control of Congress.

Alabama Improper thinks there might be some insanity in the picture.

Screw Politically Correct B.S. is also against granting amnesty for those who have a total disregard for the law of the land.

GOP3 is questioning liberal readers.

Texas Fred is asking for donations to the USO, as an honor to his brother in law, in any name you wish. (Link on the right side of this page.)

Blue Star Chronicles disputes the bumper sticker mentality.

Jessica snickers at Russ.

YID with LID adds anti Semitism to death and taxes.

Ok, back your lives.  In my case, it’s going to be doing NOTHING ALL DAY!  🙂

June 1, 2007

On The Road Again….

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Why is that stupid song gets stuck in my head every time I head out….going north or south?  I’m out the door once again, heading towards Wisconsin.

Just in case you missed Jay Weber reading Peggy Noonan’s column, here it is:

Too Bad
President Bush has torn the conservative coalition asunder.

Mr. President, I agree with Peggy.  YOU have left us, if you were ever WITH us.  I’m starting to have my doubts.

May 31, 2007

Fred on Israel

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Living in Terror

Let me ask you a hypothetical question. What do you think America would do if Canadian soldiers were firing dozens of missiles every day into Buffalo, N.Y.? What do you think our response would be if Mexican troops for two years had launched daily rocket attacks on San Diego — and bragged about it?

I can tell you, our response would look nothing like Israel’s restrained and pinpoint reactions to daily missile attacks from Gaza. We would use whatever means necessary to win the war. There would likely be numerous casualties on our enemy’s side, but we would rightfully hold those who attacked us responsible.

More than 1,300 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since Palestinians were given control two years ago. Israelis, however, have gone to incredible lengths to stop the war against them without harming Palestinian non-combatants. But make no mistake, Israel is at war. The elected Hamas government regularly repeats its official promise to destroy Israel entirely and replace it with an Islamic state. Hamas openly took credit for killing one woman and wounding dozens more last week alone.


Mini McGee

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How could I have missed Eugene Kane’s column yesterday? Guess I had better things to do.

I find a few things a little odd in this column. Like:

Also troubling is how many folks are willing to throw “innocent until proven guilty” out the window simply because McGee is a public figure they never liked and always wanted to see meet a bad end.

I don’t think people sincerely want to toss out the judicial code, even if it is McJackson. People are just wishing that the law had been more effective in the past incidents.

(Granted, “innocent until proven guilty” has never resonated as much with regular folks as “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”)

What ‘folks’ is he referring to? Charlie? Jessica? Owen? Patrick? All of the white persuasion, you’ll note.

There’s a legion of people willing to call McGee a criminal now that the federal government has supplied the ammunition. To be fair, most of these people called McGee the same thing before any charges were filed in this matter.

Mr. Kane, he IS a criminal! Most law abiding citizens don’t end up in court, and threatening people while there. Law abiding citizens aren’t arrested 3 times in 18 months. His actions can’t be considered ‘civil disobedience’, which wouldn’t necessarily make him a criminal, although in that case, there would obviously be some law broken, so yeah, I guess that would criminal too.

It’s fair to say no local politician in recent years has engendered so much diverse reaction, particularly across racial lines. I get the sense some people are convinced the majority of racial problems in Milwaukee would disappear if more black people rejected Mike McGee as a leader.

That’s not true, but it’s what some people believe.

Mr. Kane doesn’t think that many problems would ease in Milwaukee if the hatred of the McGee’s would stop? Hmmm… You don’t put out a fire with gasoline, Mr. Kane. And the McGee’s are the gasoline.

McGee surely must have known he was a prime target for an aggressive federal prosecutor such as Steven Biskupic; three Milwaukee aldermen have served prison terms for political crimes in recent years. Also, McGee himself filed a federal complaint with the U.S. Justice Department against Biskupic over targeting black leaders in 2004.

Why is it that if a black politician breaks the law, is arrested, convicted, and does time, it’s ‘targeting’? I guess Mr. Kane hasn’t noticed any of the WHITE politicians who have also been arrested, convicted, and doing time. But that’s different right? A crooked politician needs to be arrested, convicted and doing time. They should be doing a lot MORE time. I don’t give a happy crap what color they are, if they are feeding at the public trough, and breaking the public trust? Bury ’em UNDER the jail.

It’s a safe bet that many 6th District residents will continue to support McGee; the word entrapment already has been bandied about on black talk radio.

Entrapment? Poor Michael, so misunderstood. Gimme a friggin’ break. And here I thought Mr. Kane was smarter than that. Foolish me.

The people gloating over McGee’s predicament should remember how quickly events can change and how slowly legal matters can move toward resolution. There’s a chance McGee will remain in office for months to come.

Sounds like a veiled threat to me. If McGee had any dignity at all, he’d resign, instead of putting his district, the city and the state, through such shame. But it’s all about McGee, an egotistical little man, with no sense of shame. The fact he is harming those he claims to represent means nothing.

May 30, 2007

Ann on the Amnesty Bill

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A Green Card in Every Pot

Americans — at least really stupid Americans like George Bush — believe the natural state of the world is to have individual self-determination, human rights, the rule of law and a robust democratic economy. On this view, most of the existing world and almost all of world history is a freakish aberration.

In fact, the natural state of the world is Darfur. The freakish aberration is America and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world.

The British Empire once spread the culture of prosperity around the globe — Judeo-Christian values, tolerance, equality, private property and the rule of law. All recipients of the British Empire’s largesse benefited, but the empire’s most successful colony was the United States.

At the precise moment in history when the U.S. has abandoned any attempt to transmit Anglo-Saxon virtues to its own citizens, much less to immigrants, George Bush wants to grant citizenship to hordes of immigrants who are here precisely because they are fleeing cultures that are utterly dysfunctional and ruinous for the humans who live in them.

Yes, this country has absorbed huge migrations of illiterate peasants in the past — notably Italian immigrants at the turn of the last century. But also notably, half of them went back. We got the good ones. America was not yet a welfare state guaranteeing room and board to the luckless, the lazy and the incompetent from cradle to grave.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, immigrant and first Jewish member of the Supreme Court, said that Americanization required that the immigrant adopt “the clothes, the manners and the customs generally prevailing here” and that he adopt “the English language as the common medium of speech.”


Words of Wisdom

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Political correctness is censorship. It is an attempt by others to regulate what you think.

Polls are orchestrated dishonesty. The people paying for the polls expect certain results.

The culture war is real. More often than not, the culture war is a battle for your disposable income.

Everyone is a victim of something. Live with it.

You will have enemies. Be gracious to them. It’s important you learn why they want you to fail.

The President of the United States is not responsible for your bad attitude.

The economy is not static. It percolates. Competition defines excellence. A sword is forged with fire.

Want to climb the ladder? Show up five minutes early, everyday, do your job and keep your opinions to yourself until you’re asked.

Never, ever, gossip in the workplace. Within a week it will come back to you.

Want a good job? Create your own. The hours will be tough but you’ll always get along with the boss.

Satan is a tough and deceptive negotiator. Part of his charm is that he can always make you believe you outwitted him.

You cannot compromise with evil. You can surrender to it or you can imprison it or you can kill it – there are no other options.

Headlines often lie. Don’t believe them. The truth is usually in the fourteenth paragraph.

Stay sober, don’t have kids until you’re married and learn how to use the English language. It’s a simple formula.

A basic understanding of anatomy ought to tell you babies are never accidents.

Your parents will get smarter.

It’s more work to look busy than to be busy. You might as well work.

Beauty is an attitude. If you give a jerk a make-over, you have a well-groomed jerk.

The lottery is a tax on the stupid.

The mainstream press is unreliable. Period.

Success is usually the result of having exhausted all your failures.

If anger persists – you lost.

Read. There are a million good, rich, uplifting stories in print. Hollywood has discovered only a handful of them.

Your silence, if you use it strategically, will sometimes be interpreted as wisdom.

Don’t fight other people’s battles.

“Like” is a word meaning similar to. Use it accordingly

God gave you two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

Hollywood is not a holy city. Actors are not high priests. Producers are not prophets. Scriptwriters are not imbued with heavenly visions and special effects are not acts of God.

The world isn’t conspiring against you. You’re not that important.

History didn’t begin the moment you were born.

There will be a point in time when you will be asked to ignore, or deny, your faith. Formulate your answer before it happens and understand: It will cost you.

When Jesus said “judge not, lest ye be judged” he was saying we should judge cautiously. Learn the whole verse and rehearse your response because it is, perhaps, the most oft-repeated excuse to justify bad behavior.

Love isn’t enough. Studies show almost half of broken marriages were predictable before the wedding day – and had nothing to do with the chemistry of love.

Marry a friend.

Despite what teachers say, self-esteem cannot be bestowed. It can only be earned.

Sin can, and is, forgiven – but only through submission.

Young men are wired for sex. Young women are wired for relationships. This makes young men clueless, stupid and awkward, and makes young women impatient with young men. This is part of God’s creation called comedy. Learn to laugh at it and remember that it is easier for the woman to be a little more patient than it is for the man to be a little less stupid.

H/T: American and Proud

Freedoms Being Whittled Away

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Smoking ban has a downside

I am not a smoker, and I do not enjoy being surrounded by secondhand smoke. But I also do not appreciate the state Senate’s bipartisan majority vote to ban smoking in public places (May 25 article), nor this newspaper’s May 23 editorial encouraging such a ban.

Secondhand smoke may be harmful, but there’s an easier way to avoid it without giving up our freedoms one by one — it’s called going somewhere else, leaving the room, or working at a voluntarily smoke-free establishment.

This ban amounts to big government telling citizens how to manage their business, and patronizes the rest of us who want to go and do as we please. Further evidence that this ban is unnecessary is the recent decision by several local hospitals to make this change on their own, going smoke-free on their campuses.

If the ban becomes law, many of us nonsmokers will happily visit establishments once effectively off-limits. However, we should do so knowing that we have given away the fundamental right to make these choices for ourselves. We’re embracing “smoke-free” at the expense of freedom in general.

Mick Wright

I like this guy!  Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.  If I do something you don’t like, you advocate for me to be unable to do it.  You might want to remember, I can do the same.  I might advocate for you to not be allowed to have a cocktail before dinner, or after, because I don’t like being around drunks.  I don’t want my meal ruined by a group of business men with too many martinis under their belt.  You must stop, because I am offended!  I don’t like the smell of alcohol.  And you might kill me driving home from said place, not to mention the fact you are ruining your health.

Yep, makes about as much sense, doesn’t it.

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