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January 31, 2007


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Are CBS reporters actually shills for Al Qaeda?  Perhaps the video at Hot Air can gives us a hint.


Detainee Running for Office

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Habib to run for parliament

Former Guantanamo Bay inmate Mamdouh Habib is to stand in next month’s NSW election for the seat of Auburn.

Mr Habib will run as an independent, supported by the Auburn Human Rights Group (AHRG).

In a statement issued today, Mr Habib said he would be campaigning for “the right of freedom of expression and in opposition to the anti-terrorist laws, state and federal”.

Since he was released, I’m going to take a stab and say he was cleared? Although, I’m curious why a Muslim would be against anti terrorist laws. Wouldn’t it be in his best interest to be cleared in the long run? I honestly don’t know how it works.

AHRG member and campaign manager Raul Bassi said the group would support Mr Habib because the traditional parties were offering nothing new.

“All they have to offer is more privatisation, less money for people’s needs and lots of empty promises with hidden agendas,” Mr Bassi said.

Now I’ll agree that politicians, no matter what country, are full of empty promises, but where on earth do these people get the idea that privatization is a bad thing? Why do they believe that public money is for personal “needs”?

He alleges he was tortured in Islamabad and again in Egypt before being transferred to Cuba.

See? We aren’t the ones who do the torturing.

Labor and the Liberals have both ruled out doing preference deals with Mr Habib in Auburn.

I guess they mean they aren’t going to endorse the guy?

NSW Liberal director Graham Jaeschke said his party had no intention of preferencing Mr Habib or any candidates backed by controversial Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali.

In case ya don’t remember, that’s the “meat” guy.  I would be surprised if he actually won the election.

Sharing the Joy

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Thanks Donna. 🙂

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H/T: Blue Star Chronicles

And I Thought I Was Lazy?

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Too tired to work? Then have a snooze

They already enjoy Europe’s shortest working week. Now French workers are to be encouraged to have a nap after lunch.

I wonder if John Kerry, being the suck-up to the French that he is, is in favor of adopting this practice in the U.S.?

The state-backed siesta is part of a €7 million (£4.7 million) campaign begun yesterday by the Health Ministry to encourage the French to sleep more and better. A third of the population does not sleep enough, experts say.

How ’bout they actually go to bed at night, wake up in the morning, do 8 hours of real work, go home, relax, and do it all again the next day, five whole days in a row? Sure would be a lot cheaper.

Tiredness is blamed for 20 per cent of road and domestic accidents, and for low efficiency at work and school, obesity, depression and many other ills.

Well, that explains my widening hinder. DUH!

“Sleep must not be trivialised,” Xavier Bertrand, the Health Minister, said. The after-lunch nap is to be introduced by volunteer companies and studied for results. It could then be recommended for all employees, the minister said.

I never trivialize sleep! It’s a very important part of my daily routine. 🙂

By raising awareness over sleep, the Government hopes that French workers, who are among the world’s most productive during their hours on the job, will become even more efficient.

The French being efficient, what novel a concept. Hey, they do food REAL well, but after consuming mass quantities, sleep is necessary.

H/T: Tammy Bruce

A NEW Declaration

It’s definitely past time to take back OUR government!


That whenever a government becomes destructive of these ends, when it becomes the very instrument of coercion it is supposed to protect against, it is the right and duty of the people to alter it and institute new government that will protect their safety and freedom. The history of the present government of the United States—with state and local governments following suit—is one of a dangerous, unchecked growth of powers leading to the ultimate perversion in which it is the government that holds the reins and the citizens that are saddled, bridled, and spurred to do its bidding. To prove this, let facts be submitted to reasonable minds.

It’s a long piece, but then, don’t we have a lot of grievances?

H/T: Blue Collar Republican

Nanny Carol – RINO

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If we were going to stick around, I might consider running against Carol Roessler. Lucky for Wisconsin, we’ll be gone in a couple of months. 🙂

Roessler ‘firmly’ backs smoking ban

At least one area legislator already knows where she stands on Gov. Jim Doyle’s proposed smoking ban.

State Sen. Carol Roessler, a Republican, said she “firmly, strongly” supports the ban. Evidence, she said, proves smoking negatively impacts health enough to justify a ban.

Roessler, of Oshkosh, said she also endorses the governor’s proposed tax increase, which would raise the cigarette tax by $1.25. Higher prices, she said, would give people another incentive to quit.

Perhaps it’s time for Carol to admit she’s a Democrat, and lose that “R”.

The increase would benefit children, too, she said. The changes would discourage young people from starting and encourage child smokers to quit.

Ah yes, if it’s for the benefit of the chiiiiiildren, it’s ok to dicate what grownups do in a bar or restaurant. Since when do kids pay taxes, or go to bars, or pay for an expensive meal at a restaurant?

Roessler said the proposed ban and tax increase would not only discourage smoking. The proposals would benefit everyone’s pocketbook in the form of reduced health-care expenses, she said.

No, what it’ll do is put tax money in another state’s coffers, or benefit the tribes since they don’t pay federal tax and smokes are a bit cheaper.

“This is going to say to smokers, ‘You’re going to have to pay for the consequences of smoking,'” she said.

As a matter of fact, we already do. They call it discrimination if color or sexual orientation is involved. Question: When are the drinkers and the drunk drivers going to start paying out the wazoo? We’ve read about too many people with their 10th or more drunk driving offense, yet they aren’t paying. Raise the tax on alcohol….maybe that would stop people from drinking? Naw…that won’t work either!

State Rep. John Townsend, R-Fond du Lac, hasn’t yet revealed his opinion of Doyle’s anti-smoking proposals. He thinks the issue needs research and discussion before anyone can make a decision, he said. The government and the public should have the chance to weigh the pros and cons.

John is actually a reasonable guy. He thinks things through fairly carefully before making a decision. I prefer a person like that over the “knee jerk” type any day.

Smokers already pay higher insurance premiums, more in taxes and are treated like pariahs. The government just promotes it.


Dennis York puts it sooooooo much better!

January 30, 2007


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There’s a terrific site I have forgotten to link who supports our Marines with “care packages”.  Go, give, feel better!  It’s the least you can do for all they’ve done for us!

Lubbock Marine Parents 

Thanks Sancho and Jarhead John for reminding me.  🙂


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Criminy it’s cold!!! 🙂 Yes, we have arrived, safe and sound, sitting in a motel in Milwaukee. Why? Well, cuz it’s dark out there! 🙂 I’m too tired to drive those 70 or so miles up to Waupun. It’s called L-A-Z-Y! 🙂

The trip home was completely uneventful, which is a good thing! We talked to a couple of nice folks in the Memphis airport, one from Montana, one from northern England, both talking about how much nicer smokers are and the different situations in various airports. The guy from England was on his way to New Orleans, for business. Otherwise, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to.  He brought up health care over there, which evidently isn’t too popular with “thinking” people.  From what I just read on Boots & Sabers, our own illustrious Governor is all for socialized medicine.  Notice I said “thinking people”.  🙂

One problem I did have on both legs of the flight….my chair kept easing back. I have no idea why, but after a half hour, I realized I was leaning back without pushing the little button. Weird. Maybe both seats were haunted? 🙂 We actually got a real meal on the flight out of Jamaica. I LOVE first class. 🙂 Free booze and such. Ok, not really free, but you know what I mean.

Sen. Cut~n~Run

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Feingold hopes Congress can limit Bush Iraq plan
Call for more troops is tied to approval of funds

President George W. Bush needs a better strategy for handling the Iraq war, U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold said during visits Monday to Fond du Lac and Eden.

I’m not sure which makes me more ill, Feingold or Kerry.

Feingold added that he would like to see U.S. soldiers serve in Afghanistan but not Iraq.

Sure, let’s pull out and leave Iraq to fend for themselves, just like we did in Viet Nam. No problem! Except for the slaughter that will most likely happen, just like in Southeast Asia. But that doesn’t matter to Sen. Cut~n~Run.

He feels confident that Congress can exercise some control over the president. He cannot act without Congress’ consent, so Bush may face a bigger struggle than he anticipated.

“He can’t say, ‘I think I’ll invade Uganda tomorrow,'” he added.

Is there a good reason to go into Uganda?

Feingold has another reason to oppose the war: money. The war costs $8 billion a month, he noted. Officials anticipate that the war could cost $1 trillion by the time it ends, Feingold said.

I agree, that’s a boatload of bucks. If he and his ilk get their way, do ya think he’ll give it back to us? I mean, after all, it is OUR money!

“The American people have spoken,” Feingold said. “They think this is a mistake. They’re right.”

We also think we need to finish what we start. No wonder kids aren’t learning to be responsible. They have clowns like this to “look up to”. YEESH!

“I am a Wisconsin guy,” he said. “I talk like a Wisconsin guy. I think I think like a Wisconsin guy. I want to be a good employee of the people who hired me.”

I live in Wisconsin, can I fire ya?  If not, can ya at least stop acting like a chicken sh*t schoolyard bully?

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