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March 28, 2007

Cowards in Congress

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The more I watch the news, the more disgusted I get. I hear Queen Nancy spout off about the message the American voters sent in November, yet I’ve never heard or seen an honest response from the now Democrat controlled Congress. All I hear is about how the American people told them to get out of Iraq. Horse manure! The message was we are sick of all the pork, wasting our hard earned money on crap, lack of border security, and the direction of the war. That direction has nothing to do with the Americans calling for retreat and defeat. Has Congress done anything besides pounding on the cut and run agenda? Is there no other business to be dealt with other than doing all they can to destroy the President?

The 60’s are long over. Deal with it. I am thoroughly disgusted by the direction the Democrats are leading us. This nation wasn’t built by chicken sh*ts! But it sure is going to be destroyed by them. It was built, brick by brick, with the blood of those who believed in freedom. Not just for citizens of the U.S., but for ALL people. Today’s military is all volunteer. Meaning, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Hagel, Mr. Feingold, they KNOW there is a chance they might die in war and they sign up anyway. Keeping our men and women in the military safe does NOT mean cutting off the needed funds to arm them, and “redeploy” them where they aren’t needed to do the job. Cut the BS and admit you don’t give a happy crap about their safety.


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